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SESSec-EU - Networked Smart Energy Systems Security in Europe is an activity in the context of the EIT ICT Labs activities 2012 (Innovation Area: Smart Energy Systems).


  • Period: from 01/01/2012 until 31/12/2012.
  • Funding: EIT ICT Labs.


In the first step, EU-wide development of technological and standardisation background will be exploited and results will be made available in reports. Also, data and infrastructure security threats will be identified. The results of step one will serve as an input for the configuration, and adaption of testbeds, simulations and software platforms of partners, participating in the SESec-EU network.

Unit role

Our contribution was the formal modeling and mechanical analysis of security protocols and policies used in SES. In particular, we considered the Privacy-Preserving Billing Protocol for smart metering. This analysis has been conducted leveraging the automatic techniques for the security analysis developed in the context of the carrier project SIAM.


The consortium involves partners from four European nodes and combines expertise for SES in the aspects of infrastructure and device security, data security and privacy on all levels of the future smart grid from transmission down to device management and building control.

Involved People

Alessandro Armando

Alessandro Armando

Roberto Carbone

Roberto Carbone