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DCoT Digital Chain of Trust


DCoT is a decentralized system based on Blockchain technology that allows groups of fully autonomous business entities to collaboratively maintain a common log of events related to chain-of-custody processes. Such log is verifiable, tamper-resistant and highly-available, so that it is an enabler of trust between parties.

Each chain-of-custody event in the Blockchain ledger is digitally signed, timestamped and linked to the digital identities of the entities involved in the transaction and of the transferred asset. While the information on the former is also maintained on the public ledger, data related to the latter may be confidential and/or subject to GDPR constraints: to address privacy and confidentiality concerns in the proper way, the DCoT system keeps asset-related data in a separate, cloud-based repository where it is protected through attribute-based encryption.


  • Period: from 01/01/2018 until 31/12/2018.
  • Funding: EIT Digital Innovation and Research - Digital Infrastructure.
  • Website: Official website.


Design and development of a blockchain-based service for notarised events and records, with a first application to logistics - providing a solution for tracking and tracing of parcels.


Involved People

Alessandro Tomasi

Alessandro Tomasi