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Paper accepted at Workshop on Smart Grid Security

Published: Feb 19, 2014
The following paper has been accepted at the Second Open EIT ICT Labs Workshop on Smart Grid Security (SmartGridSec14):
  • Title: Selective Release of Smart Metering Data in Multi-domain Smart Grids
  • Author: Alessandro Armando, Roberto Carbone, Eyasu Getahun Chekole, Claudio Petrazzuolo, Andrea Ranalli, Silvio Ranise
  • Abstract: In the context of energy efficiency, smart metering solutions are receiving growing attention as they support the automatic collection of (fine-grained) consumption data of appliances. While the capability of a stakeholder (such as a consumer, an utility, or a third-party service) to access smart metering data can give rise to innovative services for users, it makes the control of data release and usage significantly more complex. It is thus extremely important to put in place an adequate access control mechanism that takes into account the authorization requirements of the various stakeholders. To address this issue, we propose a framework based on the Attribute Based Access Control model for the selective release of smart metering data in cloud-based solutions for smart grids. We applied our framework to a scenario proposed by Energy@Home, a non-profit association of companies with the mission of developing and promoting techniques for energy efficiency in smart homes. As a proof of concept, we implemented our approach on top of the open-source Spring Security framework.
  • DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-10329-7_4

This paper will be presented by Roberto Carbone at the Workshop on Smart Grid Security, that will be ill take place in the Technical University of Munich (Germany), on the 26th of Feb, 2014 in the context of the International Symposium on Engineering Secure Software and Systems (ESSoS’14). The Workshop is sponsored jointly by the Network of Excellence on Engineering Secure Future Internet SW (NESSoS) and the action line smart energy systems of the EIT ICT Labs.

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