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The following paper has been accepted at 7th Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test (CSET '14):
Title: TESTREX: a Testbed for Repeatable Exploits
Authors: S. Dashevskyi, D. Santos, F. Massacci, A. Sabetta


The following papers have been accepted at the ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (SACMAT) 2014:

Title: Scalable and Precise Automated Analysis of Administrative Temporal Role-Based Access Control
Authors: Silvio Ranise, Anh Truong and Alessandro Armando

Title: Attribute Based Access Control for APIs in Spring Security
Authors: Alessandro Armando, Roberto Carbone, Eyasu Getahun Chekole  and Silvio Ranise


Avinash Reported a bug in Yahoo's Social Sign On using Facebook Connect protocol while he was working on the state of the art techniques of automatic analysis of browser-based security protocols.

Yahoo added his name in the Security Wall of Fame (


The following paper has been accepted at the Second Open EIT ICT Labs Workshop on Smart Grid Security:
Title: Selective release of smart metering data in multi-domain smart grids
Authors: Alessandro Armando, Roberto Carbone, Eyasu Getahun Chekole, Claudio Petrazzuolo, Andrea Ranalli and Silvio Ranise


The following paper has been accepted at IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS) 2014:
Title: A Dynamic Risk-based Access Control Architecture for Cloud Computing
Authors: Daniel Ricardo dos Santos, Carla Merkle Westphall, Carlos Becker Westphall.


The following paper has been accepted at FroCoS 2013:
Title: Content-based Protection and Release for Access Control in NATO Operations
Authors: Alessandro Armando, Sander Oudkerk, Silvio Ranise and Konrad Wrona.


The following paper has been accepted at FroCoS 2013:
Title: Verification of Composed Array-based Systems with Applications to Security-Aware Workflows
Authors: Clara Bertolissi and Silvio Ranise

Alessandro Armando partecipera' come ospite al Festival della comunicazione in programma a Camogli dall’8 all’11 settembre. 

Il suo intervento "Tra cybercrimini e cyberterrorismo. I nuovi paradigmi della sicurezza informatica" si terrà venerdì 9 settembre alle ore 9:30 presso il Salone a mare, Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi.